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Geniusee Charity Fund

Ukrainian map

Our work is global, but Geniusee’s homeland is Ukraine. We live here—more than 80% of the team. Our parents and kids live here. We are all different, but we share our roots. Our home is now cruelly ruined and bombed by our neighboring country’s insane leader and his suicidal army. The war inevitably takes lives, but killing civil citizens and children is beyond acceptance. We will never forget and never forgive. Neither will we give up.
We in Geniusee stand with Ukraine.

What We Do

Since the war started, we have bought and delivered to places of need:

thermal imager

77 Thermal imagers and thermal imaging sights, night vision devices

Bulletproof vests

42 bulletproof vests


31 Drones and components

Crossover car

39 Cars and components for them

Diesel Genarator

5 Diesel generators, solar and charging stations 


150+ Medicines, food, children's things, diapers


36 Radio stations and walkie-talkies

bulletproof vests.png

3 Batteries 

bulletproof vests-1.png

 14 Car repairs


28 Accessories for weapons 


4 Strategic headset 


4 Laptops

Crossover car.png

9 IP telephony


11 Tablets for drones


200+ Military equipment and clothes

We supported the following military and
tactical units:

10th Separate Mountain Assault Brigade

72nd Separate Mechanized Brigade (Kyiv Region)

Territorial Defense in Zhytomyr

Territorial Defense in Darnytsia, Kyiv

Purple corner

24th Separate Mechanized Brigade

Territorial Defense in Kyiv

24th Separate Assault Battalion “Aidar”

Territorial Defense in Vasylkiv

ICMB under the command of the GRU

112th Svoboda Territorial Defense Battalion, Carpathian Sich

Aviation unit A1356 (Myrhorod)

Radar station 5M86, Dnipro (Mukachevo)

Scythian Rapid Response Teams in Vasylkiv (Armed Forces)

Territorial Defense in Chernihiv region

25th Sicheslav Airborne Brigade

DUK Right Sector First Separate Assault Company (SOF)

"Leadership Ministry" (evacuating people in Donetsk)

Military unit (Kharkiv and Kharkiv region)

Azov Regiment, 24th

16th Detached Army Aviation Brigade (Brody)

Volunteer Company (Kyiv)

7th Border Detachment

53 Separate Rifle Battalion

66th Brigade (Donetsk region)

74th Reconnaissance Battalion

Reconnaissance Unit (Izyum direction)

3rd Separate Assault Brigade (Sniper Platoon)

3rd Separate Assault Brigade (Reconnaissance)

17 Separate Tank Brigade (observation and mechanical reconnaissance platoon)

3rd Separate Assault Brigade

22 Medical Unit (evacuation service) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Mortar Battery of the 135th Separate Territorial Defense Battalion

Purple corner

Special Forces of Ukraine Military Unit A5750k)

77th Airmobile Brigade, 3rd Airmobile Battalion

1st Separate Tank Brigade of the A1815 Military Unit

Military Unit 3018 of the National Guard of Ukraine Offensive Guard

Military Unit A1145 24th Brigade

46th Air Assault Brigade

Contact Us


4 831 938


was donated by our employees, acquaintances, friends, relatives, and clients.

8 417 636


was donated from the Geniusee Fund.

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Mask group.png
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Mask group-1.png
Mask group-3.png
Mask group-2.png
Mask group-3.png
Mask group-1.png
Mask group-2.png
Mask group-1.png
Mask group-3.png
Mask group-2.png
Mask group-1.png
Mask group-3.png
Mask group-2.png
Mask group-1.png
Mask group-3.png
Mask group-2.png
Mask group-1.png
Mask group-3.png
Mask group-2.png
Mask group-1.png
Mask group-3.png
Mask group-2.png
Mask group-1.png
Mask group-3.png
Mask group-2.png
Mask group-1.png
Mask group-3.png
Mask group-2.png
Mask group-1.png
Mask group-3.png
Mask group (2).png
Mask group-2.png
Mask group-1.png
Mask group 0.png
Mask group-3.png
Mask group 3.png
Mask group-2.png
Mask group 1.png


Mask group-1.png
Mask group (7).png
Mask group-3.png
Mask group (9).png
Mask group-2.png
Mask group (8).png

How to donate

You can support our Army and Civilians by donating any amount of money in a convenient way. We focus our expenses on supplying the civilians with humanitarian aid and our Armed Forces and Territorial Defense with cars, thermal imagers, helmets, body armors, drones, generators, walkie-talkies. We report on every cent.

Bank card

Ukrainian banks:

4627 0557 7032 5842


4441 1144 1158 8088


(Nazariy Hazdun)




Account holder: Nazariy Hazdun
Account number: 8311514336









Ukrainian coat of arms

We in Geniusee stand with Ukraine

Since the war started, we have managed to support 90% of Ukrainian team members with their relocation to relatively safe regions, and now we work even more than before.

Our work supports Ukraine’s economy

Our front is doubled now: we keep working on our actual projects and delivering cutting-edge technologies and excellent service for our clients, and we are keeping Ukrainian exports working and paying taxes.

settings, gears
Purple corner

The entire world united for our Victory

And instead of leisure, we’re volunteering to help our armed forces with equipment and our civilians in need with humanitarian aid. Ukraine and the entire world have demonstrated extreme unity during this tough time. Thanks to our caring partners from all over the world, we realized that our efforts are sincerely and restlessly supported. So to keep every donor up to date, we share the results of our volunteering here.


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Stand with us! Stand with Ukraine!   🇺🇦

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